Passion, Betrayal and Sorcery in the Age of Reason…

In 18th century Britain, weathermaster Ian MacPherson controls the winds for a flying ship captained by his lover, Lily Trowbridge. They become suspects in an attempted regicide when their ship is hired to transport the Catholic contender for the throne into the heart of Protestant England. 

As the country slides toward civil war, a game of conspiracy and murder will test their integrity and their love to the breaking point. Both of them struggle to find ways to stay true as they see their moral guideposts crumbling all around them.

Probing for the root of the conspiracy will force Trowbridge to confront a traumatic past and an old enemy she’d rather forget, while it brings MacPherson into a showdown with another weathermaster that could spin out of control into a weather war devastating all of Europe.

Throughout the book, MacPherson and Trowbridge must ask themselves troubling questions:  How do you keep practicing and growing in a spiritual tradition when your teacher hurts and betrays you?  How do you faithfully serve a leader whose leadership falters?  And how do you love someone who’s greatest fear is attachment?

The Weathermasters’ War is a fantasy / alternate history novel of just over 100,000 words in the tradition of Naomi Novik's Temeraire series.  It is unpublished.  The manuscript is available on request.