Passion, Betrayal and Sorcery in the Age of Reason…

The moons of the gas giant Hera are home to the first and only human settlement outside the solar system, where a  mission to rescue a disabled starship brings personal feuds and political conspiracies to a crisis point and throws into question what it means to be human.
Angel's career as an engineer almost ended years ago when an experimental design of hers blew up. Now she must fight to save her reputation as she is blamed for the accident that cripled the starship.

Maia, maimed in that earlier accident, must now come to terms with the past and with Angel to help rescue the crewmembers of the starship.

Nikolas, a political firebrand, sees his plans go awry and spin out of control. He must ask himself how far he will go to put things right or cover up his mistakes.

Vijay, fixated on human surival on these alien worlds, has to decide what to do when the people around him are found to have symbiotic alien cells in their bodies.

Symbiont will be a hard science fiction novel of 60,000 - 90,000 words. A partial first draft at this time, it will come to completion in 2020.